Hand Made Porcelain Teapot sets


I have been so busy over the past few weeks. My daughter just started school last week so we have been getting into the new routine. Her first week was a bit bumpy with tears and very clever ploys as to why she couldn’t go to school that day. But she has made some nice little friends and it is getting much easier to see her off.  She looks so small next to all the other kids in the playground it breaks my heart leaving her there. I told her that when she is feelling sad that she should try and think of something happy, “a happy place” I asked her what her favourite memory was and she said that she loved when the “peacock showed us his tail feathers “.  How sweet.  When I picked her up later that day she said “I didn’t have to think about the peacock at all today mum” funny thing was I didn’t stop thinking about it!

In between all the school preparations I have been trying to get ready for hide and seek market on the 20th of this month as well as getting some new designs done for mathildas market. If you would like to order a personalised set for your loved one then please get in touch with me ASAP as I will be putting all the sets in the kiln for their first firing in the next week.

All personalised teapot sets include:

Half sized set $45 includes  

One handmade teapot with name or special message

Two handmade cups

Two handmade plates

One handmade sugar bowl and creamer

Shiny red box

One Mini handmade table cloth

Full sized set $65 includes

One handmade teapot with name or special message

Four handmade cups

Four handmade saucers

One handmade sugar bowl and creamer

Shiny red box

One Mini handmade table cloth

Tea Party Pack $200 includes:

Ten handmade  teapots

Ten handmade saucers

Ten handmade cups

Ten  mini handmade table cloths

Please add an extra $15 for EACH additional set  

Targa Tasmania

It looks like Mugalicious will be taking a spin around Tasmania soon for Targa Tasmania, thanks to my mate Chris from mx5 Racing. He surprised us with some signage on his car. It looks fantastic and I can’t wait to see it on TV.   Thanks again Chris it looks awesome and very eye catching  



Christmas Adventures

We had a great holiday over Christmas and New Year’s down at Nowra on the south coast of NSW about 2.5 hours out of Sydney. We were lucky enough to visit Hyams beach which is not far from the busy sea side town of Huskisson. Hymes beach has to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Australia. It has white sand like you have never seen before and for good reason they have the whitest sand in the world!

We also visited Currarong light house and surrounding areas which we got to via an excellent dirt road which was fantastic adventure for the kids. But just be careful not to get to carried away as the area is located on Australian ARMY land and there is also lots of endangered wild life living in the area.

Nowra has a lot of beautiful farm land but just be careful when going up to fences to pat animals as some are electrified and don’t have warnings. Unfortunately I found out this the hard way when I tried to get the attention of two beautiful Clydesdales….. Ouch.

I love the south coast of NSW as it has everything! Beautiful beaches and farmland together side by side and it isn’t always sunny. I know that may sound weird to some people especially from overseas but I think there is nothing more beautiful than watching thunder heads role in over the sea. When we arrived at the beach house we ran down to the beach and sat on the warm sand snuggled up close under the umbrella. It was a beautiful moment and one that won’t be forgotten soon.

Now I am back from holidays and feeling all inspired I will be starting on some more teapot sets. I have come up with a few more designs so come back soon to check them out!


Merry Christmas Everyone!

Thankyou to everyone who visited us at Kirribilli markets on Sunday. We had a very busy day and most tea sets were sold buy lunch time. We only have a couple of sets left so if you are after a last minute gift idea please send me an Email and we will sort you out!

Thanks again and we hope you have a very lovley christmas and a very happy new year. We will be back at Kirribilli markets in January (second sunday of the month) look for us under the bridge.